Earthquake Insurance Basics

What Property Types are Covered?

Residential Earthquake Insurance can be purchased for your primary home, vacation properties, rental units, condos, and even as a compliment to your tenant insurance policy.


Commercial Earthquake Insurance can be purchased for any commercial property that you own. If you are a tenant you can, also, obtain coverage to protect your business personal property.

Why Buy Earthquake Insurance?

To start, standard personal & commercial  property insurance policies do not cover damage due to earth movement. If there is the potential for large Earthquakes in your area, you may be left with nothing if your home is damaged or destroyed.

What Does Earthquake Insurance Cover?

Basic Coverage: Covers the structure and very little else. Many policies offered by your homeowners insurance carrier or by the CEA are of this nature. These carriers offer limits that match the dwelling coverage and will generally offer very limited limits for personal property as well as building ordinance and loss of use. Sample Quote Using Basic Coverage


Blanket Coverage: Carriers offer a blanket limit of insurance that applies to the dwelling, detached structures, personal property, and loss of use. This is a very unique coverage offered by Geovera Insurance Company, who is an Earthquake Insurance specialty company. Sample Quote Using Blanket Coverage


Upgraded Coverage With Sublimits: The policies written in this manner provide coverage very similar to your standard homeowners insurance policy. There is a limit for your dwelling, along with sub-limits for detached structures, personal property, and loss of use. The benefit of this coverage is that you have higher limits for personal property and loss of use. In addition, this coverage option is usually not much more expensive than the Basic residential earthquake insurance policy. Sample Quote Using Upgraded Coverage

What Are the Deductibles for Earthquake Insurance?

Deductibles range from 2.5% to 20%. As with all insurance products, the higher deductible that you decide upon the great discount you will receive.

Is Earthquake Insurance right for Me?

We are often asked this question, and the reality is there is not one answer that fits all. Items such as location, equity, tolerance to risk, and price of Earthquake Insurance coverage all play into making a well informed decision. Our recommendation is that you at least receive quotes so that you can choose using a real figure.

How Can I Receive An Earthquake Insurance Quote?

Luckily this is the easy part. All that you need to do is click the button below or complete the questionnaire to the right. You will be asked a few questions that should only take 90 seconds to complete. With this information we will work up a proposal with several different carriers and deliver a figure to you within 3 business hours. If you would like to call in first please feel free. You can reach our office at 855.509.3707.


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