At Stone Creek Insurance, we care about our customer’s satisfaction. For many years we have been providing superior Earthquake Insurance service in California, resulting in hundreds of happy and satisfied customers.


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I have home, auto, and E&O insurance through Jeff Azzarello. I learned he is a graduate of UC Berkeley, and his high intelligence and acumen applied to my vital insurance needs accompanied by his extremely prompt service is a rare combination that I appreciate. He found me the best rates for high rated companies. I prefer dealing with local companies that care about their reputations and providing good service. I’ve found that here. – BirdDog L., San Ramon, CA


Christmas has come and gone, and now the new year is large and looming.  Diid you get everything you wanted for the holidays? Are you ready for 2015?  Do you know if you have the best insurance coverage available when the new year hits?


I switched over to Stone Creek earlier this year when I discovered that my renter’s insurance didn’t really cover that much at all. Given all that I have, it became mandatory that I got the right coverage I needed, especially after I’d gotten robbed the year prior. Luckily, I knew somebody at Stone Creek that I trusted – Tom Lynch.


Why Tom, you may ask?  Well, I happen to know Tom personally, and I think it goes a long way to soothe any anxieties you might have about insurance brokers when that person is very happy with their company and loves what they do.  It probably also helps if they know what they’re doing and understands all of the by-laws and policies that makes up the insurance industry. I certainly do not have a mind for all of that, do you?  Tom is not only competent in all of that, but he’s also honest and very good at what he does.  And most importantly – he’s not sleazy! I can personally vouch for that.


One thing to note is that Tom deals primarily in commercial insurance, but if you’re looking for another competent broker for auto and/or renter’s insurance, his co-workers and bosses (as in the owners of the company) are just as great and non-sleazy.  As I had mentioned earlier, I had wanted to upgrade my renter’s insurance, but I had also just bought a new car.  Tom found me better customized insurance for about the same as I had been paying before. He also made sure that I got what I needed and that I wasn’t paying for anything that I didn’t need or want, and patiently explained everything to me so that I understood what I was signing up for.  You really can’t beat that quality in an insurance broker or sales agent.


If you’re looking to shop around for insurance quotes, make sure to call the people at Stone Creek.  They’re not just limited to California, so it would be in your best interest to call them first.


Happy New Year, everyone!  I’ll catch ya on the flip side! – Lorrayne L., Oakland, CA


Great service and great people Abbe and his team will get you the most for your money. Thanks! – Diablo Pools O., Oakley, CA.


So insurance definitely isn’t something I look forward to dealing with every year. If I am being honest, I actually dread it.  All the while, it is a very important necessity that can’t be ignored! I wanted to support some local business this year and a friend referred me to Stone Creek Ins Agency.  I really liked that they are local and I read online that they are a brokerage, so I know they will shop to get me a deal.


I called in and got on the line with Mike (Plethman? I think), I was put at ease almost instantly.  I had some tough questions about General Liability and Worker’s Comp that he effortlessly, yet thoroughly answered.  He took his time and explained things in a way that I really understood.  I felt like he genuinely cared about what I needed and that he was an expert in his field.  I bought my competitively priced policy from him and know that I will be a long time customer. Thanks Mike and Stone Creek!


Plus, I learned they are very “green” and have a non-profit that really gives back to the local community.  I really value and appreciate companies like this. – Rachel W., Concord, CA